Attack On Moe H

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Attack On Moe H (Mod apk + unlimited money) is RPG action game by Nutaku,  as you know game got much popularity and with the time its publisher nataku, that is most popular also.

Overview information

Name Attack On Moe H
Publisher Nutaku
Category NSFW
Version 4.1.10
Size 52M
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Tickets, Unlocked All Girls
Requires Android 5.0

About Attack On Moe H

I already got great games from natuku as same like this, it’s very simple and easy to play, but time-wasting, Further it’s too much interesting because its simple and its features are outstanding. So lets review about Attack On Moe H and get idea, it can be a good game in our phone

Attack On Moe apk and review


You live simply in your kingdom without any life problem, but one day you attacked by some girls, which are looking so beautiful, here you role will start in gameplay and you will play as a male and battle with cute girls. These girls will monsters and do fight with you, but you have to handle all the situation by defeating all girls and get peaceful kingdom enviroment as always you face.


When your battle will start you have to control the character in gameplay, you will get attacking buttons on-screen to attack on girls,  as much time you will click on these buttons and use controls these will work to attack on enemies girls and their attacking power and energy will start to down, Keep attacking and keep surviving during whole gameplay till you did not finish your enemies.

Recruit girls

As I already told that all girls are like monster not humans being,  so each attacking girl has different attacking energy and powers to beat you, You got a really amazing feature here that you can recruit these girls, during gameplay you can hunt these super hot girls and can use them after.


After recruiting super hot warriors you can upgrade their characters stronger and can use them to beat your attackers and get a peaceful environment in your kingdom.

On each level of battle you got prizes and rewards that can be used in upgrading.

Attack On Moe upgrade girls

Your rewards like money and skins that can help to boost powers and character of your players also can help to change equipment.

After collecting girls you have to train girls about to battleship, its depends upon you that how much stronger girls you have and how you build their characters.

In its others features you will got lots of things like daily event tasks and missions that make your gameplay journey more easy and interesting.

Do daily tasks and win more prizes to collect more rewards and goods that can be used in upgrading characters.


You got best HD graphics and gameplay, sounds and colors also used well, its too easy to understand and play, You can easily understand.

Attack On Moe mod apk

Attack On Moe H Mod Apk

Its time-consuming to collect rewards and prizes at daily basis, by complete daily tasks with daily missions and events. Many of users are requesting and searching for its mod apk with unlimited money, so I have given link where you download its modded version and original apk from google play store.

Mod Features

After installing this downloaded apk you will get unlimited money

Now no need to unlock all character one by one, you will got everything unlocked even girls and rewards that you can use without any problem, but keep it mind you can use demo account to mod apk game because it maybe suspended your account and you can lose your rankings. So don’t connect your real account with this version thanks.

Attack On Moe H apk installation guide

Follow all steps one by one to get successful installation of apk.

  • If you are using its real version then you can clone this apk.
  • If you have high-ranking account on it so do not connect on this apk.
  • After that you have to download this apk from download button.
  • Allow all permissions
  • Now open it and create new account.
  • You will see all this unlocked.
  • If it shows installation error, then try any apk installer.

Attack On Moe H Summary

After reviewing it you can judge it best for you or not, as all games are time-wasting but its necessary for fun, so try It once

and check its all features once I hope you will like it, if yes share with your friends and keep visiting my site for more best and great games, I will check and recommend that you should play it or not thanks.

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